Fuji Xerox Versant 180 Press

Fuji Xerox Versant 180 Press

Simplify. Automate. Do more.

Enhance capabilities, increase productivity and earn a reputation for quality and creativity with the VersantTM 180 Press, all-in-one solution designed to transform your digital print operation or business.
The VersantTM 180 Press prints faster (80 ppm) on more media types, and delivers the Fuji Xerox innovation advantage with more standard features, a powerful performance option and efficiency boosting workflows to keep jobs moving with less wasted time and materials. You’ll keep more jobs in-house, and with the ability to print on exciting new media types, you’ll find new markets and new ways to please your customers.

VersantTM 180 Press Features

More Features That Drive Results

An integrated solution delivering performance, quality, and versatility

  • User Interface The User Interface provides quick and easy access to Scan, Copy and Print.
  • High Capacity Feeder C3-DS A module with two 2000-sheet trays accommodates an array of heavyweight and specialty media stocks. Auto-Tray Switching and reload-while-run capabilities optimise press time. Available with optional 2nd High Capacity Feeder C1-DS for even more capacity and pick points.
  • Three Standard Paper Trays Along with the bypass tray, holds 1900 sheets of paper.
  • Seamless Intermediate Belt Transfer Provides even greater versatility, speed and reliability across a wide range of media and applications.
  • Bias Charge Rolls/Long Life Photoreceptors This innovation provides more uniform charge to the photoreceptor to deliver more stable print quality within a page and from page to page. Self-cleaning technology optimise press availability while maintaining high print quality standards.
  • Scanner Automated duplex scanning at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi at up to 200 ipm, and copying at 2400 x 2400 dpi at speeds of up to 80 ppm through the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Load-While-Run “Low Gloss” Toner Improves productivity because you don’t have to stop when loading toner. A reservoir holds enough toner to continue operation while you load new toner cartridges. Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Toner Chemically grown, small, consistent particles produce greater quality while a low gloss formulation gives all your applications a smooth offset-like finish. Requires less power to fuse to a variety of stocks.
  • Compact Belt Roll Fusing Unit Assembly Provides the uniform heat and pressure needed to fuse images on a wide variety of stocks up to 350 gsm.
  • Paper Path With its stainless steel inversion and duplex paths, plays an important role in supporting benchmark image quality, reliability and speed. Customer-adjustable settings let you fine tune image positioning.
  • Fully Automated Output Decurler Provides consistent and reliable output quality. Programmable settings let you define parameters for specific stocks, ensuring flat output that is ready for finishing.
  • Finishers D6 with Booklet Maker, optional folder Produce more revenue-generating applications inline, including coated stocks, with a suite of optional finishers.

Greater Reliability with Remote Service

A suite of Remote Service*1 increases reliability, uptime and productivity – making it easier for us to help you make your business stronger. Remote Service integrates systems and tools, and couples them with highly skilled Fuji Xerox support teams to provide proactive problem resolution and a robust underlying knowledge of your need.

  • Transmit machine data to provide preventive maintenance, predict machine failure and reduce the time to fix problems.
  • Monitor supplies and consumable (such as toner) levels and automatically deliver them, saving time and making sure you have what you need to keep printing.
  • Automatically report billing meters, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • *1Availability depends on location.

More Performance

Minimise waste. Maximise productivity.

Time-saving Workflows

The VersantTM 180 Press prints fast – 80 ppm – on both coated and uncoated stocks up to 220 gsm. Our 300 gsm*1 auto duplex eliminates time-consuming manual intervention. And with a wide array of feeding and finishing options, you can maximise up time.

  • *1For 221 to 300 gsm, print results are not fully assured.

Control quality and save time with Advanced SIQA.

Advanced SIQA*1 can save you from the hassle of adjusting alignment, density uniformity or transfer voltage. By simply scanning the printed charts, advanced SIQA will optimise the adjustment values. With advanced SIQA, operators no longer have to go through the time-consuming and iterative procedure of having to print, measure and manually adjust individual settings. The Versant™ 180 Press reduces waste and a considerable amount of operator intervention while consistently meeting image quality expectations.

  • *1Simple Image Quality Adjustment.

Transfer voltage adjustment function

If a toner image is not optimal when transferred onto paper, you can adjust the transfer voltage by scanning the printed chart.

Determining the optimal transfer voltage is often very taxing. Advanced SIQA automatically analyses the scanned measurement chart and selects the values with the best balance for each colour. This both simplifies the adjustment process, while ensuring outstanding image quality on a range of stocks, including special stocks that are hard to handle.

Integration with FreeFlow® Digital Workflow Collection

Integration with FreeFlow® Digital Workflow Collection and partner solutions that deliver workflow productivity, innovation and automation, as well as variable data solutions designed to meet customer demand for personalisation and business growth.


More Quality

Earn a reputation for excellence with outstanding results.

Ultra HD image quality for ultra-satisfied customers

Fuji Xerox digital presses have already been proven to deliver vibrant image resolution at 2400 x 2400 dpi for excellent sharpness and uniformity. The VersantTM 180 Press takes image quality to the next level with Ultra HD Resolution, which increases RIP resolution by sending data to the press at up to 1200 x 1200 x 10 bit.

Rendering at a higher dpi preserves fine details in graphic fills, continuous sweeps, line art and text. The more pixels moved by the RIP to the print engine, the more customer-pleasing details are visible in the job. In addition, the Stochastic screen both minimises graininess and prevents moiré patterns.

Powerful colour management technologies built right in.

Confident Colour is a collection of innovative colour management technologies, designed and refined to deliver more outstanding colour and higher quality output. Confident Colour lets you emulate a range of industry standards, like GRACoL® and Fogra, and adhere to PANTONE® standards. Accurately match colours, from job to job, shift to shift, and from press to press.

Ultra HD Resolution

  • Jobs are rendered at an amazing 1200 x 1200 dpi – 4X more pixels captured than the former 600 x 600 standard
  • Applications are imaged at 2400 x 2400 dpi

  • NoteDFE : Digital Front End


More Versatility

Get more productive, more capable and more creative with the ability to print on a wider selection of stocks and media types.

Print on a wider variety of stocks.

The ability to run a greater variety of stocks allows you to satisfy your customer’s changing needs. The VersantTM 180 Press handles a wide selection of media – from 52 to 350 gsm – so you can produce an impressive range of job types.

Print on specialty media and envelopes.

Give your customers the advantage of more effective direct mail campaigns with the ability to print on envelopes. Surprise and delight with the ability to print on specialty media like labels, business cards, glossy brochures, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and more.

Support for banner printing

You can print on larger media with the VersantTM 180 Press, which is capable of handling paper sizes up to 660 mm in length*1 .

  • *1Banner printing is also possible from the model-specified print driver which does not access the print server.

A Wider Variety of Options for a Wider Variety of Finished Jobs

As the number of jobs coming into your shop grows from a handful to dozens or even hundreds a day and as they come in more shapes and sizes, you just cannot afford to have manual labour handling each job. The VersantTM 180 Press offers a wider variety of finishing options to provide automation that keeps you productive while saving time and reducing costly errors.

Finishing Applications

Allows bold design of full bleed photo with full bleed trimming of paper up to 350 gsm

Realises beautiful booklet finish with full bleed trim corresponding to up to 350 gsm*1 . Trims margins at the top, bottom and face edge allowing image-rich design with photo on the full bleed.

  • *1Optional Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1 and SquareFold® Trimmer D1 are required.

Enables five folds and responds to flexibly to accordion folding

Free folding lines such as mountain folds and the valley folds up to five lines enable creative products with accordion folding*1 . Making lines before folding suppresses broken toner and maintains printing quality.

Example of creasing

  • *1Optional Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D1 makes folding lines. Papers should be folded manually.

Large 10.4-inch colour user interface

Features bright, intuitive icons and easy access to all major functions directly from the home screen.

Easy-to-use control

Print directly from PC or USB

You can also print office documents without accessing the print server*1 , allowing you to use the VersantTM 180 Press as an office printer.

Print from any USB*2 memory device for faster document delivery when you’re not at your computer.

  • *1Multi-model Print Driver 2
  • *2Optional.

Scanning and copying that are advanced, easy and flexible

Scanning and copying are becoming a critical part of your workflow.

The VersantTM 180 Press is a versatile solution, giving you a variety of scanning output options and locations including scan to PC, email, folder or USB memory (optional) virtually anywhere with simplicity and security.

With optional Advanced Scan Kit, you can convert the paper documents to PDF files with searchable text information or directly convert to Microsoft® Office format – Word or Excel®.

Printable from any machine on demand

After a job has been sent to the device, users can choose the “Server-less On-demand”*1 feature to print it from any machine on the network on demand, simply by logging onto the machine. Even if the selected device is in use, users can choose their job from another machine and print it. No dedicated server is required for this feature. It is also possible to use up to five devices in this way by grouping them – for example, by floor or workgroup.

  • *1Optional.

Print servers to fit every workflow

We offer a choice of print servers, so you’re sure to find one that fits your workflow. Each available print server puts a variety of colour tools, workflow capabilities, processing speeds and sophisticated colour management controls at your fingertips.

Your Fuji Xerox representative will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • More Performance with Time-saving Workflows that eliminate time-consuming manual intervention
  • More Quality with Ultra HD Resolution through RIPping speeds at 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit
  • More Versatility with the ability to print on a wider selection of stocks and media types. 
  • More Features that Drive Results – An integrated solution delivering performance, quality and versatility


Versant 180 Specifications

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3.32 MB
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Portable Document Format

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