Portable UI for Business


What is Portable UI for Business?

Basic operations such as copy, fax, and scan (Store to Folder or E-mail) operations can be performed from iOS and AndroidTM mobile devices. Your smartphone can be used as a portable UI panel. Simply set a job on your smartphone and touch the NFC (near field communication) reader of the multifunction device with your smartphone. Since the settings are already specified on the smartphone, the job can be opened immediately without performing operations at the multifunction device, which reduces crowding at the device.
* A wireless environment with an access point is required.


Basic operations such as copy, scan, and fax operations can be carried out on AndroidTM and iOS devices. Because jobs can be started by simply touching these devices to MFDs as if you are carrying your own control panel, workflow is not interrupted and waiting time for other users can be reduced. Also, operational support can be provided via an automatic read-aloud feature and an accessibility feature of the mobile devices for visually impaired users and users in wheelchairs to simply operate the screens.

  • This application can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play.
  • Because an MFD has an NFC tag as standard, it is not required for users to purchase optional equipment (e.g., IC card readers).
  • An access point and a wireless network must be set up at a customer’s site.

User-friendly operability

Functions can be configured in the same way as with your familiar device since a design compatible with the operations of mobile devices has been adopted.
In addition, the built-in accessibility feature on mobile devices also helps visually impaired users by reading aloud.

1. Enlarged text

Character sizes can be enlarged so that characters are easier to read.

2. Text to Speech

In order to guide users through the application, the operational procedure that is not displayed on the screen as well as the displayed procedure are read aloud.

3. Enlarged screen display

A part of a screen can be enlarged easily.*

4. Color inversion

To make it easier to see characters, the background color can be darkened, and the color of characters can be lightened.

* iOS: Double-tap with three fingers. AndroidTM: Triple-tap with one finger.

Registering frequently-used settings as favorites

The Copy, Fax, Scan (Store to Folder), and Scan (E-mail) settings configured on the application screen can be saved as favorites. After any setting is selected from [Favorites], and a mobile device is touched to an MFD, a job can be executed. Using Portable UI for Business, up to 30 favorite settings can be registered for a single user.

1. Naming of Favorite

User can register the desired name of each Favorites.

2. Display order changeable

User can change the display order according to the name and the usage history.

An external keyboard can be connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth so that the device can be operated using the keyboard.