Fuji Xerox DocuWorks 8.0

Fuji Xerox DocuWorks 8

Fuji Xerox DocuWorks 8.0

DocuWorks 8 is a document handling application that allows you to manage and share information in various office setting easily. It enables a variety of electronic documents, such as office documents and image files, to be handled intutively on the computer screen just like handling paper ones.

DocuWorks 8 can serve as a document portal and is capable of supporting various communication & collaboration needs in our daily business activities, such as managing personal documents and sharing of information among team members. Furthermore, when it is integrated with the cloud service, we can even access information on the go.

  • Electronic documents can be displayed, edited and handled like papers on the computer display
    DocuWorks 8 allows you to manage electronic files like handling paper documents that are lined up on a physical desk. It comprises of an electronic desk (DocuWorks Desk) and a viewer (DocuWorks Viewer) for you to view and edit documents on your computer display.
  • Smooth coordination with Office software – Features of DocuWorks Desk
    It is possible to add a DocuWorks Document creation button on the toolbars of Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel®, and Microsoft® PowerPoint® to create DocuWorks documents conveniently. When converting a file to a DocuWorks document, you can compress and attach the original data to it and if the file is edited and saved1 , a new DocuWorks document with the updated data attached is automatically generated.

1 The corresponding application is required

  • Create searchable documents – Features of DocuWorks Viewer 
    The built-in OCR feature1 can be applied to embed text information into DocuWorks documents that are created from scanned documents and the contents within can be searched easily. The OCR results can be displayed and revised in the InfoView of the DocuWorks Viewer. Alternatively, it can also be output to an Microsoft® Excel® file or a file in text format.
  • Seamless coordination with the cloud – Features of DocuWorks Desk 
    By linking DocuWorks and the Fuji Xerox cloud service, Working Folder1 , you can conveniently access the documents you need on to go and achieve higher work efficiency. Documents are displayed as thumbnails on the DocuWorks Desk and they can be uploaded and downloaded easily by simple drag and drop operation.

  • Task Toolbar
    The Task Toolbar allows you to register frequently-used DocuWorks features and shortcuts to folders such that you can access them with convenience and work in an intuitive manner. You can customise the toolbar in accordance to your routine work process
  • Split workspace
    Files stored in different folders can be displayed concurrently on one screen. File transfers between two folder locations can be performed easily by dragging them from one area of the DocuWorks Desk workspace to another.

  • Sharing information with team members
    Using “Neighborhood Desks”, you can share with up to a maximum of 20 people who are connected to it in the same subnet. Information can be shared easily within a team without setting up a special server with this feature.

  • OCR operation is made easier – Features of DocuWorks Desk
    You can carry out OCR processing conveniently with just one click of a button from the “Useful Features” toolbar.

*ABBYY® FineReader® Engine v.10.

  • Distribute and receive documents easily using document trays – Features of DocuWorks Desk
    The Document Tray Option1 realises intuitive receiving and sending of documents and can be useful in improving operational processes using graphically displayed icons. You can receive and send paper documents in a computer environment utilising the tray in a similar manner as placing paper documents in a document tray. In addition, the Document Tray option can cooperate with multifunction devices2 and the Working Folder3 for more efficient document distributions

1 Sold separately. 
2 ApeosPort-III / DocuCentre-III series or higher. 
3 A cloud service provided by Fuji Xerox with a monthly fee.


DocuWorks 8

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